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In English we actually did this quite a lot in the past! This is even more evident in word root changes. This is not a practical solution, especially for beginner to intermediate learners who have many other things to worry about. So once again, I recommend you use some short cuts! There are other possibilities and very occasional exceptions, but these rules cover the vast majority of the nouns you will ever come across in German.

Ideally, you would learn the proper plural of nouns as you come across them, but since this may not be practical if your priority is to communicate as much as possible in a short time, you will, once again, be better off guessing. Learning off precise plurals should also be low priority when compared to learning new vocabulary or more important aspects of grammar. This is another situation where I can confirm from personal experience that Germans will understand you perfectly well if you use the wrong plural.

In an academic examination you would lose points for writing down the wrong plural; however, with human beings you will gain points for actually saying something, rather than keeping your mouth shut for fear of saying it wrong. Based on the statistics above, you have a pretty decent chance at guessing the correct plural!

The most common ending is -e , so try this one first. If the singular already ends in -e , it is slightly more likely to be feminine so add an -n. Use this rule of thumb, then try to learn the above list, and finally get feedback from natives and spend more time reading, and you will quickly see the exceptions.

As always, this is not a perfect solution, but saying a word in what sounds like plural will get you further. Pick up your own copy here! And finally One of the best ways to learn a new language is with podcasts. Read more about how to use podcasts to learn a language.

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Learning German doesn't have to be hard. Yes, you read that right. German can be easy. This question comes up a lot, but it ignores the many irregular plurals we have in English, too. The umlaut goes over about half of the nouns where it would be possible i. Most masculine nouns ending in -el , -en , or -er form their plural without an ending or umlaut, g. Arbeit en , Regel n , Studentin nen the last n gets doubled for -in ending nouns. Neuter: About three quarters of neuter nouns have the plural -e , e. Bein e , Jahr e.

1. Because you can say the same thing in about 500 different ways

The umlaut is used if possible and the majority are either mon- osyllabic, e. Gesicht er , Gehalt er , Geschlecht er. Neuter nouns ending in -el , -en , -er note that this is the same as for masculine ; diminutives ending in -chen, -lein ; and words formed with.. Offices Find an office near you. About EF Who we are.

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