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New arrivals. Narrated by Joe Bronzi 2 hr 22 min. Switch to the ebook. As organizations grow in volume and complexity, the demands on leadership change. The same old moves won't cut it any more. Nothing Blake learned from his previous roles seems to help him deal with the issues he now faces. The problem, his new mentor points out, is Blake is playing the wrong game. The early days of an organization are like checkers: a quickly played game with mostly interchangeable pieces. Everybody, the leader included, does a little bit of everything; the pace is frenetic.

But as the organization expands, you can't just keep jumping from activity to activity. You have to think strategically, plan ahead, and leverage every employee's specific talents—that's chess. Leaders who continue to play checkers when the name of the game is chess lose. On his journey, Blake learns four essential strategies from the game of chess that transform his leadership and his organization.

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  • Chess Not Checkers: Elevate Your Leadership Game.
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See more. Mark Miller. In this short, easy-to-read fable, bestselling author Mark Miller reveals five habits that underlie leadership character and that determine a leader's success-and he teaches leaders how to develop these habits. Like Miller's previous books, this one follows the life, learning, and influence of Debbie Bruster. Here she finds herself mentoring Blake Brown, the son of her former mentor. Rather than answer Blake's questions about leadership directly, Debbie introduces him to other leaders, each of whom shares a unique perspective on what really makes a leader successful.

As Blake puts the pieces together, he discovers his problem is not one of skills but of character-that leadership is more about the heart of the leader than the head or hands. With the help of his new friends and mentors, Blake is able to build a plan to transform his heart.

The good news is that leadership is not just the purview of the few-it is within reach for millions of aspiring leaders around the world. This book is the road map they need to get their lives and careers on track. Every great company has an engaged workforce, and nurturing a culture of engagement is at the heart of great leadership—employees who really care about their work, their coworkers, and the organization can supercharge a company's success. But for many years, engagement has been suffering. Gallop reports that 70 percent of employees are not fully engaged on the job.

Mark Miller draws on more than forty years of leadership experience to show leaders at all levels how to change the conversation and create real competitive advantage in the process. In the fourth book in Miller's High Performance Series, CEO Blake Brown sets out to discover how to create the kind of workplace where everyone feels excited to come to work, passionate about what he or she brings to the company, and energized at the end of the day. It's a journey that takes him literally all over the world—from Italy to Greece to Green Bay and more.

What he discovers from the pages of history is as relevant as the evening news.

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Engagement unleashes untapped potential buried deep within the hearts of your people. An engaged workforce is more creative, more driven, and more enthusiastic about reaching company goals.

Chess Not Checkers: Elevate Your Leadership Game by Mark Miller

If you put the lessons in this book to work, your people will never look at work, or their leaders, the same way again. The core message is that Talent, Skills, and Community are all essential to team success, and that team leaders and leaders supervising or training team leaders, need to develop all three in order to create such teams. This work presents a radical message in the team literature and in the practice of most organizations. Most team books focus on such things as getting clear about team purpose and team member roles, not the importance of creating a sense of community in a team.

Miller offers concrete suggestions for building teams where people know each other deeply, server each other willingly, and genuinely care for each other. More than vision, strategy, creativity, marketing, finance, or even technology, it is ultimately people that determine organizational success.

I've got more than I can eat and I'd like to share with you.

Through realistic examples and instantly recognizable personalities, Miller has distilled four powerful lessons to benefit leaders at all levels of their careers. The book is entertaining as a novel yet packs profound insights into what it means to lead and succeed in today's business world.

His new book, Chess Not Checkers, is headed to the best-seller's list. Check it out Mark Miller does a brilliant job of outlining the critical shift leaders must make if they want to move from playing small and simple to succeeding in large complex environments. Mark R.

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Miller teaches courses in construction for future middle managers and has authored or co-authored more than 35 technical books and many technical articles. Du kanske gillar.

Inbunden Engelska, Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. As organizations grow, the demands on leadership change. The same old moves wont cut it any more.