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Now it is a matter of driving more targeted traffic, and finding the perfect price point that will maximize revenue.

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I also want to grow my customer base so I have a strong base of people who know and trust me and will buy from me again when I launch any new amazing SEO software hint, hint. I have to say I have been really surprised at the quick success of Guest Post Tracker considering the lack of a following when I started. Now my main focuses on the site are to build the SEO and to tweak and test to increase conversions so that revenue will improve and the website will become a more valuable asset. What else can I do to drive up traffic and revenue? Matthew Note: you could make it an annual subscription.

Hey Adam, I am one of the subscribers with lifetime access…. The idea of guest blog db was amazing so without thinking much I bought it…. This is one of the best tips to start online business within 90 days. Thanks for your nice information and that would be great tips for the newbie business man. Thanks a lot for your great information. Hi Matthew, I have recently created an e-commerce website for an existing business with no website. The website is very industrial in nature and I have had trouble finding an affective way to generate traffic and particularly potential customers.

Yes I have. And it could just be that I am not very good at navigating on facebook, but I have not managed to find any.

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  • In the article it was explained that in the field he works in SEO , he was trying to make the process easier which gave birth to the idea. I will be launching my first business by the end of this month and I am really excited to use Guest Blogging to drive some revenue. And if the budget allows, I will also try buying adverts on blogs relevant to my industry just like Adam did for Guest Post Tracker. HI, Mathew Woodward, first of all i would like to say very much for your information,which you sent me.

    I am studying now the whole information and ideas in order not to have issues when i start. I am really happy to have you i should say and you have really pure Heart , I like your character and your attitude because you like to help people. To be honest with you this crazy world needs people like you.

    Best regard Nasser. Interesting concept for sure, glad to see some innovation here. Well yes just because you apply for a guest post never guarantees it, and honestly you should see some of the requests I get — they are shocking to say the least and this is just a small blog compared to someone like TechCrunch! Nice post and it is really helpful for small business owner. How can they get the traffic to the website. I am going to bookmark this blog post and waiting for the next. This sounds very interesting …. Having done a somewhat similar resource guide not for guest posting , I tested similar pricing strategies.

    One legit argument against flat-fee pricing is that there is no financial incentive to continue supporting the product. Adam, great stuff. The psychology of pricing can be a very scary, but interesting thing. I believe it was Ryan Biddulph that increased his Kindle book prices from 99 cents to 9.

    Did you notice whether your signup rate increased after you increased the prices? Adam, something you might want to look into is that your payment system is in USD and a US address payments ystem. Guest posting is a great idea that I already heard but when I had tried it by request to submit my post it was not accepted by the even single site administrator, Although I just tried sites then I decide to stop trying guest posting.

    Now after reading your blog I want to try it once but have not a collection of sites can you please suggest me some free sites for guest posting. I already check a sites list which you mentioned but it is not free of cost, initially I want some free sites for practice. It sounds like you need to improve either the quality of your pitch, or the quality of your post, or both :.

    It fills a need in the marketplace which is why I think people are willing to pay for it. You are going to build more revenue if you make it a subscription model-the email list will allow you to build consistent income, plus affiliate revenue from site content — I guess you could offer services also.

    90 Days to 9 Months Success Formula, A High Power Motivational Video by Vivek Bindra (Hindi)

    It was very successful. I havent tried the Freemium option but it would be smart to test it. My motto is test everything. Just thought I would let you know in case you are not aware of this. If you click on the form on the right side bar or on the popup window, both of those are still working. Trying to get the top form fixed now. Hey Adam, this is a great post and as it relates to the price point, I would give two options.

    Casey, thanks for the idea. I have tried both of those options. What I am testing right now is how long those people that signed up for the monthly actually stick around. Once I know their value as a customer then I will have a better idea on what the lifetime price should be. You are welcome Adam. Another thought that came to me is that you could also have a list of premium sites higher quality blogs as an upsell for a slightly higher price. I know a lot of persons would take this upsell because everyone wants a link from a high quality blog. Not saying the other blogs are not but the ones in the upsell could be classified as A-listers if you get what I mean.

    Great stuff Mathew. With so many out of date databases out there for Guest Posting, a well oiled and regularly updated list will always be a welcome tool for SEO management. Well done, as always, you delivered. I like WordPress myself but there is not a one size fits all glove and sometimes you need to go custom dev!

    While reading the post midway my thoughts were exactly as Mathew said in his note.

    Grow Your Business with a 90-Day Plan

    So the people not usingyour list will also be paying you year after year. Tausif, That is an interesting idea. I tried annual subscriptions one other time on a different site and when the renewals started hitting it seemed to create a ton of customer service headaches for me. It was a totally different industry and the price was higher. Is there a good way to avoid the headaches? As far as headaches are concern, I am assuming them to be cancellation related.

    If the product is low cost and high value you are rarely to see cancellations as the user base does not notice auto renewal unless they dig in their balance sheet happened to me. Keep the price of the product less and the value high continuously updated list. Also engage with your subscribers with new features or new categories niches they can post is as guest bloggers. This will help develop confidence and reduce cancellations drastically. Simple; make re-occuring anual paypal or cc has to be valid at least two years or really really cheap monthly 5 dollar or less.

    There no link on this post. However, they do take some good amount of work to create. A good example of a great KB is MailChimp. Rick, thanks for the idea. I guess what I meant by customer service headache is people forgetting they had a subscription and then coming to me upset because they got billed again. But I guess that headache is worth it if a large portion of the members that renew.

    I think you would need a programmer to do a customization combining your email marketing tool API and some other API like the one from your payment processor like the Paypal API for this idea to work. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I first learned how to start an online business 16 years ago and the thrill never gets old. The date of submission The anchor text used in the link back to their site. Build products or businesses that you actually want to use and people will buy You can start earning good revenue quickly without PPC, SEO or having an existing audience.

    You Might Also Enjoy Share Sila Mahamud. Matthew Woodward. July 12th, at am. No problem Sila :. Excellent post and good summary.. Thanks for sharing!!

    Business Startup Financing

    No problem :. Have you tried looking for relevant Facebook groups? July 12th, at pm. Thank you for responding, and for all of your helpful blogs! June 16th, at am. So in think about how you can make things easier. Malik Sharjeel. I AM Looking this kind of post thanks alot admin :D. Thanks for reading Malik! Did you read the full post? Mohit Gangrade. Hey Matthew, You always publish awesome content. Adam did a really great job with buying adverts. Thanks, Mohit Gangrade. What are you going to launch Mohit? People talk about content platforms all the time now, but when we started, that was a new proposition.

    New founders seek copious feedback on their products or services. But getting the business itself right is just as critical. To do that, you should develop relationships with veteran entrepreneurs. Although it's too early to be thinking about a board of advisers, setting up a kind of proto-board comprising folks who've been there and done that will help you head off mistakes. They'll tell you if you're on the right track. And they'll compel you to think beyond your immediate survival to the company you want to have two years from now. At Sweetgreen, our mentors the three of us each had three to five asked a lot of tough, helpful questions--about our financial model, our brand positioning, our restaurant design, and more.

    They started us thinking early about the kinds of people we'd want to bring on board one day, so we'd be able to spot great talent even if we weren't ready to hire. You can also just email someone you admire. Save up your questions and ask them all in a weekly or monthly conversation, so you don't pester anyone.

    And when you do talk, don't just talk about the business. This isn't a transaction. It's a relationship. I was excited about starting Student magazine, and then we had the idea to use the publication to sell music, too. I didn't create a formal business plan.

    That seemed really boring to me. I just thought about the high cost of records and the sort of people who bought Student ; we believed we could sell cheap mail-order records through the magazine. We made enough money from mail-order to open a record shop. We decided Virgin Record shops would be where people could meet and listen to records together. We wanted to relate to customers, not patronize them, and we wanted to be more affordable than our competition. Word of mouth spread, and people came to us rather than the big record stores.

    Cheaper records brought in a flood of inquiries and more cash than we'd ever seen. Virgin Records became very hip.

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    People would stop by, lie on beanbags, meet friends, and listen to the best new music. There was no better place for a self-respecting year-old to be. We aimed to open a shop every month in There was nothing overtly rock 'n' roll about the way artists were treated or records were produced. So we bought a property, the Manor, turned it into a recording studio, and launched our Virgin Records label in Mike Oldfield was our first artist.

    His album Tubular Bells became one of the biggest sellers of the decade and the soundtrack to The Exorcist. The Virgin brand and its global impact today all grew from those roots. Numbers are beguilingly concrete. It's natural to want stats on markets, pricing, and competitors from the start.

    90 Day Booster - Biba Pedron - Business Coach & Marketing Expert

    But market data would not have explained why Red Bull charged while the "lava lamp" soda Orbitz succumbed to gravity, or why Instapot commands twice as much as Crock Pots at retail. More important, in the very beginning, are insights about your own proposed business that you achieve by stress-testing your assumptions.

    The emphasis is on what you can learn not about your industry, but rather about your idea. No matter how disruptive your idea, precedent exists for it. So once you've identified your value proposition, go back and look at real companies that have done something at least roughly similar. You'll want to find examples that have been successful.

    If none have been successful, you should seriously question whether this is something anyone wants. Study them and draw lessons about what worked. Then, research companies that tried something similar and failed. What did they do wrong? How do you avoid those mistakes? These are things that, if they are wrong, mean you don't have a business.

    Run a Facebook ad and see how many responses you get. Go stand in an aisle at Whole Foods next to a competitor's product and question shoppers about it. What do you like and not like about this product? What would you do to improve it? Before trying to figure out how big your market is, you need to know that people have accepted and will continue to accept the gist of your value proposition. Otherwise, you'll be piling assumption on top of assumption. Most of the fitness market was targeting performance athletes. It was about results.

    Our platform was about discovery and education, and we thought the average Lululemon shopper might identify with that. But they became our ambassadors, and that helped start virality for us. Over the course of about six months, we gave out about gift cards. We had no rank, and no clout, so we had to find a way to get people to know who we were so they could fall in love with us.

    For most founders, banks and professional investors are later-if-ever capital sources. In the beginning, it's you, your family, and friends. Self- and personal-circle funding requires you to jump through fewer hoops than other sources. But it is almost always more fraught, and in some ways the risks are much greater.

    People talk about entrepreneurs starting their businesses with "personal savings. The spouse is also affected if the founder leaves her job and a chunk of the family's income disappears.

    Buying an Existing Business

    Even if the founder is nonworking, she may have been responsible for child care. Schedule regular business meetings between the two of you. And when the business needs more money than expected, you should resist pushing too far beyond your spouse's comfort level. A second mortgage? You may lose it all. I may need you to up the ante in order to prevent dilution. Explain that you're doing so because you care about the relationship.

    There should be no ambiguity, no cause for recriminations. Don't take advantage of their eagerness to help. They may offer to dip into college or retirement funds. Don't let them. Your role is to be the sober designated driver and bring everyone home safely. We were really focused on the specifics and also trying to get every part of our story into the conversation. With early-stage fundraising, you're lucky if you get 30 minutes with someone, and all five of us founders were talking about our expertise, our pricing strategy, the product we were going to build.

    We learned to take a step back and say, "What's the vision we all share?

    How to Achieve 'Zero' Burnout: Build a business and a Life That Won't Kill You

    You don't need to tell your entire life story in an investor pitch. It's important to build your or month projection and build a spreadsheet that shows a driver of the business, but ultimately the only thing that's certain is that that spreadsheet probably won't be right, so the only thing they're betting on is you as the founder. He and his team got our vision. The hang-together-or-hang-separately adage applies to startups, only one in six of which is a purely solo venture, according to Reynolds.

    There can be just one page. You and your co-founders must all be on it. Though equity stakes are on everyone's mind, at 90 days that discussion is premature. But you must clarify roles, expectations, and responsibilities, and then revisit those repeatedly. How much time each will invest, what opportunity costs each will accept, and the level of ambition each has may differ. That's especially true if one founder had the original idea and brought on the others, or if one founder devotes himself to the business full time while his co-founders hang onto their day jobs. You should all acknowledge disparities up front and address them to avoid disappointment.

    Over the long haul, Bill will handle sales and marketing while Marla does tech and Kathy handles finance.