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August The European Union is gearing up to use heavy artillery against the Chinese ceramic industry: in March the EU-Commission imposed a limited surcharge on imports of ceramics from China to thwart dumping prices.

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Depending on the manufacturer, imports of ceramic tiles to Europe are now subject to a surcharge of The duty is fixed for an initial period of 6 months. The Commission conducted an official investigation in June and enacted the tariffs in March which are subject to a five-year extension as of September 17th Official Chinese sources closely followed the proceedings.

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A statement by the Chinese embassy in Berlin e. Aggressive price dumping occurs when a product is sold for less in the target country than in the country of its provenance. The World Trade Organization WTO sees this as circumstantial evidence of hidden governmental subsidies through advancement of exports or financial aid in production.

Price dumping is generally at hand e.

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China is a member of the WTO but was often subject to accusations of unfair export methods. Ryan is a serious expert on all things related to tile and he was gracious enough to agree to fill in the gaps for me. The production lines were running full-steam, letting us get a first-hand look at the processes. Look over there, more tile.

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Is that tile? Above, you can the recessed and movable die like a tray where the atomized clay mixture will be loaded. Once the clay has been set in place, around 10, tons of compression comes down and forms the actual tile. In order to keep the delicate greenware tiles from having to be handled much, the entire production line moves the tiles in a straight line from begining to end. Next it was time to actually decorate the surface of the tile. For this collection Keraben uses the Roto-color glaze delivery system with multiple glaze rollers creating nearly limitless variation in their stone reproduction.

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The lighter colored stripe in the center of the drum is the screen, which is in constant motion so that each tile gets a different segment of the drum in different areas of the tile. Another close-up view of one of the screening drums. In the bottom right hand of this picture, you can see a bucket of glaze. Each one of these rollers applied a different color and screen of glaze creating a deeply varied pattern on the tile.

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  • After the tiles have received their glaze, the sides of the tile are gently brushed to ensure grouts can adhere to the body of the tile during installation. In this picture, the tile passes under high-heat lamps to help dry off the excess water from the glaze before it gets absorbed into the bisque.

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    Once the tile makes it through the glazing lines they are grouped together and arranged and placed in massive drying cubes. This is to ensure that as much moisture as possible is drawn out of the biscuits prior to firing.

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    • Before the kilns is a massive amount of these pre-dried tiles waiting to be fired. The kiln is the most sensitive and expensive to run, piece of equipment in the factory. We did find out they automatically stop for people… on multiple occasions. Finally the tiles make it to the roller kiln, a massive natural gas powered furnace that bakes the tiles at temperatures up to degrees Fahrenheit degrees Celcius the white tubes you see there are industrial porcelain rollers from which the kiln gets its name.