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Despite pressure from the United States, Mr.

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Morrison said he would not use his influence to try to ensure that the Solomons remained an ally of Taiwan. While the United States itself has formal diplomatic relations with China and not Taiwan, it sees a self-ruled Taiwan as a valuable check on China. The Australian prime minister has also been determined not to weigh in on the deepening trade war between the United States and China, even as it emerged this month that the Trump administration considered imposing tariffs on Australian aluminum.

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The administration backed down amid pushback by the State Department and Pentagon officials, who feared damage to the military alliance with their most important ally in the Pacific. At the same time, Australia has looked on with worry, and pushed back at times, as China has pursued a military buildup in the South China Sea aimed at asserting itself on matters of territory, navigation and resources. As 1, Australian service members were conducting their recent outreach in the Asia Pacific, Australian warships were trailed by Chinese Navy vessels as they traversed the South China Sea.

Australian pilots were also reportedly targeted with lasers while flying over the region; while initial suspicion fell on China, it was not clear who was behind the incident. It has ventured into waters near Taiwan and Japan, and has drawn objections from Vietnam and the Philippines with territorial claims in the South China Sea. It is attempting to build ports in Papua New Guinea, and is increasing surveillance around Manus Island , where the United States and Australia are developing a naval base.

For Morrison, that is a political challenge with distinct domestic characteristics.

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It means acknowledging the contemporaneous real-world effects of global warming, including the direct contribution to carbon emissions from mining and burning coal. For low-lying island countries including Kiribati, with a population of just ,, and Fiji, this is no abstract debate but rather one of life and death, here and now.

The pair had struck up a warm relationship when they met earlier this year. In Australia, you have defied all expectations; let us take the same underdog attitude that inspired your parliamentary victory to the global fight against climate change.

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By working closely together, we can turn the tides in this battle — the most urgent crisis facing not only the Pacific, but the world. Together, we can ensure that we are earthly stewards of Fiji, Australia, and the ocean that unites us. Together, we can pass down a planet that our children are proud to inherit.

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Tok Pisin is one of the official languages and widely spoken, and also important as the language among Papuans and New Guineans who otherwise have no other language in common. Tok Pisin is a pidgin language whose vocabulary is mainly derived from English, indigenous languages, and other languages, mainly German. Its structure is in many ways un-English.

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Radio Australia has services in Tok Pisin.