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Below the city are many dungeons , including the city's sewers and a forgotten dwarven city named Dwarvenhearth. The book's author claims it is the "most deluxe roleplaying product ever published," weighing in at pages with multiple special features, including a CD-ROM that includes a new adventure, The Night of Dissolution, and two previous Malhavoc products with Ptolus connections: The Banewarrens and Chaositech. The book was produced in hardback on full colour glossy paper. The first pre-publication orders of the Ptolus book had their copy signed and numbered by Monte Cook. All pre-ordered copies also received a printed copy of The Night of Dissolution , which was not otherwise available at the time, and five copies of A Player's Guide to Ptolus.

It was available for separate sale from several months before Ptolus either individually or in packs of five. As well as five copies coming free with pre-orders of Ptolus , it is also available in PDF format on CD that comes with all printed copies of the Ptolus book and available for free download. The contents of this book is designed to represent the common knowledge available to city residents or visitors to Ptolus. It is intended that each player in a Ptolus campaign should have access to a copy of this book.

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A Player's Guide to Ptolus. O would be interested in knowing the print quality of standard and premium. The difference between each other. If the standard version is like 'normal' print of rpg books. Hi, Just curious to know the overall print quality of the standard or prenium I also would be interested in knowing the print quality and if the additional materials like the map and cd are included.

Has anyone purchased one and found out?

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How does the hardcover premium compare to the original printing? Are there notable differences? The original book was so beautiful Also - does the premium hard cover include any of the additional materials CD and map that came with the first printing? Ryan D. This is an amazing setting.

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The book is written in a way that really makes you feel like the city is alive, and the "Running an Urban Campaign" chapter really helps you emphasize that. The different districts all have their own unique flavor [ Richard H. This immense campaign setting is better than I could imagine any urban and dungeon resource. I have it in hardcopy and now electronic form. The electronic form makes it perfect for reading anywhere, and for extracting pictures and maps.

This is a 1s [ Gregory F.

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  • Julian J. What can I say I wish I had purchased a hard copy, back in the day, when that was an option.


    There is so much material and in great detail too. Christopher H. It's pretty much impossible to describe all the goodness of this product in a short review—or even a long one. I have never seen any campaign setting--much less one that's really just a single city--presented with such great care and thoroughness. See All Ratings and Reviews. Product Type. Core Rules.

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