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The historical survey focuses on the nationalist campaign against Dutch colonialism, the role of Sukarno as the first president of the Republic of Indonesia, the subsequent political turmoil, the rule and fall of Suharto and the appointment of President Habibie. However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use.

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This abstract may be abridged. No warranty is given about the accuracy of the copy. Source: AhokDjarot. The ethnically Chinese governor was charged for blasphemy after a video went viral that appeared to show him insulting the Quran. Having campaigned against Ahok for years on the basis of his Christianity and ethnic Chinese heritage, the notorious Islamic Defenders Front FPI have seized on his alleged blasphemy as a chance to rally more moderate Muslims against the incumbent.

This year has seen a fresh wave of anti-Ahok demonstrations, spurred by his gaffe in the Thousand Islands. On November 4 some , hardline Islamists took to the streets in a protest that descended into rioting and violence against police.


On Friday, Dec 2, a mass prayer against him held in central Jakarta was the single largest religious event in Indonesian history. These protests, led by radical groups who endorse an Islamic state, precipitated fears of a coup against democratically-elected president Joko Widodo. Nor are we, I suppose, accustomed as we are to the daily brutality served up on TV, social media, and the news.

Can Titus Andronicus be rescued from neglect and disfavour?

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Jacobs cleverly and helpfully divides the play into eight chapters, each with its own title and focus on a particular character. His daughter Lavinia becomes the marital plaything of the men around her, and in Chapter 2, The Forest. This has a startling effect, especially when combined with the eerie and constant sound effects.

The weakness in the play is the same one that afflicts most modern art and literature, often fatally: an obsession with identity politics and the importation of once recondite ideas from the academy into the mainstream. It never irks that much, really, especially if the performances are truly excellent. There are only a few scenes, however, when things start to get muddled, to put it mildly. Oh well. Score one against the cisheteropatriarchy, as the kids call it. The intrusion of wokeness into art has made a real stab at this: the removal of aesthetic criteria in favor of political point-scoring for minorities; and the replacement of universal themes with increasingly identitarian ones.

To truly achieve this, however, would be to despoil Shakespeare of all he has.

Oppression still rife in West Papua

The great themes of Titus Andronicus — political and family disintegration, the forever war, our return to barbarism — all remain and hold our attention, as ever. Connect with us. Share Tweet. Related Topics: culture politics. Continue Reading. You may like. A Wilderness of Queer Theorists? A Review of Titus Andronicus. Ramsay and the Rabble: Miseducation at the University of Queensland. Click to comment.

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