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Contemporary Logistics in China

Audible Download Audio Books. More efforts shall be made to develop tourism. The organs concerned shall launch special plans for tourism development in Northeast Region as soon as possible to enhance construction of tourism infrastructure, develop appealing destinations with distinctive features and improve management and service level, so as to build barrier-free larger northeast tourism zone. Support the fast development of clusters of key industries.

Liaoning coastal economic zone, Shenyang economic zone, Heilongjiang-Daqing-Qiqihar industrial corridor and Changchun-Jilin-Tumen region economic zone are encouraged to speed up development and become high-class modern industrial bases in China. The organs concerned shall formulate development plans to support Shenyang Tiexi old industrial base to be adjusted and reconstructed as a new demonstration zone of equipment manufacturing and support the development of the equipment manufacturing clusters in Dalian, so as to create an advanced equipment manufacturing base with international competitiveness.

Contemporary Logistics

Efforts shall be made to promote the construction of the energy and heavy chemicals base in east area of Inner Mongolia, coal-based power and chemicals base in east area of Heilongjiang and coal-based chemicals in west area of Liaoning to improve the transformation and utilization level of resources. The leading role of hi-tech industrial bases including Shenyang , Changchun , Harbin , Dalian and Tonghua shall be fully exerted to form advanced industries and industrial clusters with core competitiveness.

Regions with mature conditions are supported to establish distinct industrial parks with influences and large scale. The development of Changchun automobile industry development zone and railway transport equipment industrial park shall be speeded up. Endeavors shall be made on establishment of Dalian national ecological industrial demonstration zone under category of venous industries.

The expansion of national economic and technical development zones and upgrading of major provincial development zones that meet requirements in northeast China shall be promoted. Speed up the technological advancement of enterprises and fully improve their independent innovation capability. Strengthen technical transformation of enterprises. Technical transformation of enterprises is an important content of adjustment and reconstruction of the old industrial base and critical experience for obtaining achievements on revitalization. More supports shall be given to technical transformation: the fund for adjustment and reconstruction of the old industrial bases including Northeast China shall be appropriated from the current relevant special investment funds and the investment from Central Government budget will be increased to support technical transformation of enterprises in the old industrial bases including Northeast Region, mainly for a batch of recently-selected projects.

The share of the budget of the Central Government for operation of state-owned assets for state-owned enterprises in the old industrial bases including Northeast Region shall be increased.

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The investment fund for equipment manufacturing industry shall be established as soon as possible, mainly supporting the technical transformation and merger and restructuring of equipment manufacturing enterprises in northeast area. Improve independent innovation capability. The old industrial bases including Northeast Region shall give play to the human resource advantage and establish a sound system to encourage independent innovation.

In the major development fields in the old industrial base, based on leading enterprises and major projects, a batch of technical innovation and hi-tech industrialization projects with strong leading power and influence and quicker returns shall be carried out. The scientific research and industrial advantages of the old industrial bases including Northeast Region shall be fully utilized.

Through major national scientific and technical special projects and special projects of building innovation ability, a batch of project research centers, engineering labs and enterprise technical centers shall be established and breakthroughs on core technologies and key generic ones may be made. Enterprises are supported to effectively utilize internationally innovation resources to improve their abilities of creation and recreation based upon introduction and absorption.

Flexible policies and measures such as share participation by means of technology and option incentives are encouraged to be taken so as to create good environment for high-end talents to put their abilities to use. Promote industrial application of the results of independent innovation.

All efforts shall be made to promote the application of the results of independent innovation so as to transform such results into advanced productivity and culture new economic growth powerhouses. More supports shall be given to application of independent innovative results in hi-tech fields including new energy, new materials, biology, IT, aviation and high-speed railway. Vigorous endeavors shall be made to promote combination of efforts of enterprises, universities and research institutions and encourage institutions of higher learning and scientific and research institutions to transfer their independently innovative results to enterprises and more scientific and technical personnel to found scientific and technical enterprises.

Scientific and technical enterprises that satisfy requirements are under prior support to be listed in the second board to raise funds. Special funds for hi-tech industry development in the old industrial bases including Northeast Region shall continue to exist, mainly supporting construction of national hi-tech industrial bases in the old industrial bases including Northeast Region, application of results of independent innovation and innovation ability.

The local governments concerned shall formulate policies to support the application of the results of independent innovation to production in the old industrial base. Vigorously develop modern agriculture.

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The Northeast Region is of advantaged conditions to develop modern agriculture. Governments in the region shall focus on improving land productivity, resources utilization rate and labor productivity and launch policies and measures to boost development of modern agriculture in Northeast Region. Those governments shall take into consideration of the plan for newly increase of bn grain production across the country to enhance grain production in the region and build the region a steady national strategic grain base.

More efforts shall be made on implementation of the scientific and technical program for increase of grain production and promotion of new technologies for high yield, superior quality, cost saving and efficient improvement. The structure of agricultural machinery shall be optimized and the mechanical level of agriculture shall be improved. Efforts shall be heightened on construction of storage yards for agricultural machinery and tractor roads. The subsidies for agricultural machinery operation in important links such as deep scarification shall be studied.

Research shall be made on a long-term system for stabilizing production of corns and soybeans. The policy of national collection and storage of corns and soybeans produced in Northeast Region shall continue to be executed at proper time. The state-owned farms shall continue to play its positive role in developing modern agriculture and safeguard national food safety. Agricultural cooperation between Northeast Region and the outside shall be enhanced and the enterprises that meet requirements are supported to undertake agricultural cooperation and development in neighboring countries and regions.

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Strengthen infrastructure construction in agriculture and rural areas. Basic agricultural infrastructure with focus on water conservancy facilities and infrastructure in rural areas with focus on water, power, road and gas shall be built. The reservoirs with potential dangerous conditions shall be reinforced and the projects of water-efficient irritation demonstration and small farm water conservancy shall be carried out. The special campaign of disseminating knowledge of scientific storage of grains shall be conducted and the technologies for scientific storage of grains shall be promoted.

The development of new grain inventory and circulation businesses such as grain bank is under support.

Nonstop transport of bulk grains by railway to other regions in China shall be promoted, the through transport by water and railway shall be more used and large grain logistics bases, transfer stations and load stations with strategic significance as well as grain warehousing and drying facilities shall be built. Active efforts shall be made to promote IT-based agriculture, establish a sound system of providing scientific, technical and socialized services and improve services. The development of urban and rural areas shall be planed in a comprehensive way and the development of small towns and central villages shall be quickened by combining the construction of new socialistic countries.

The conditions of living and production of people in rural areas shall be ameliorated. The drinking water safety issue existed in rural areas shall be solved as soon as possible. The support funds of governments at the county level or below for construction projects for the pubic benefits in rural areas shall be cancelled. Accelerate the building of a comprehensive transport system. The reconstruction of the existing railways including Mudan River-Suifenhe and the construction of the following railways shall be promoted: the northeast border railway, the Yiershi-Arihashate railway, the Baiyinhua-Chifeng-Jinzhou port coal special line, Tongjiang River Railway Bridge and the coastal railway.

The main and feeder airports shall be constructed under a comprehensive plan. Since the development of highway is relatively backward in Northeast Region, more investment shall be made in building highways and rural roads in Heilongjiang , Jilin and Inner Mongolia by consideration of the features of extremely cold in winter of the region. The team for coordination and promotion of transport infrastructure in Northeast Region shall be set up to coordinate, guide and facilitate building of transport facilities in the region and formulate a comprehensive transport plan for the region.

Optimize energy structure. The following two projects shall be started to build: two 10mn kilowatt wind power bases in the east area of Inner Mongolia and northeast China , and the channels for transport of coal-based power from the east area of Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang to the outside.

The construction of grids in northeast area shall be enhanced and the reconstruction of the existing grids shall be promoted, so as to improve the power transmission ability of major grids. Efforts shall be heightened on reconstruction of grids in rural areas, especially major grain production areas, and forest regions. The issues concerning grid interconnection of small power resources including wind power shall be solved.

Intellectual grid construction pilots may be made on the northeast grid.


Take initiatives to promote the transition of resource-oriented cities to facilitate sustainable development. Nurture and empower substitute and alternative industries.

معلومات عن المنتج

To develop substitute and alternative industries is the ultimate solution to economic transformation of cities that have exhausted resources. Efforts shall be made to implement the special plan for resource-based cities to create jobs, comprehensively use resources and develop substitute and alternative industries, and support and guide such cities to form their new dominant industries as soon as possible. Development banks and other financial institutions are encouraged to enhance their efforts to support the sustainable development of the said cities.

For those cities, supports shall be given on aspect of layout of industries, examination and approval of projects, land use, loans and financing, technical development and market access. Those cities are encouraged to built parks for substitute and alternative industries and actively take transferred industries. The plan for development of substitute and alternative industries in the resource-based cities shall be formulated and implemented. Establish a long-term sustainable development system.

The system of reserves for sustainable development of resource-based cities shall be launched as soon as possible and the government-supported section of the special reserve fund shall be used to solve problems concerning environmental treatment in resource-based cities. Sustainable development pilots may be conducted in resource-based cities where resources exploitation is at growth or maturity stage. The formulation of the Regulations for Sustainable Development of Resource-based Cities shall be expedited.

Give more financial policy supports. More guidance shall be given on transformation of development mode of cities that have exhausted their resources and the effectiveness of use of fiscal transfer payment by the said cities shall be improved. The central budget shall give more funds for treatment of extremely large mining pits and deep gobs in resource-based cities. On appropriation of the special fund for finding alternative resources instead of exhausting mines, more supports shall be given to the cities that have exhausted resources in the old industrial base in northwest China.

The resource-based enterprises in the above-said cities are supported to develop and utilize resources outside the region and China. Strengthen ecological building.


The development of forestry and forest area economy shall be oriented by ecology. The fall of timbers in the state-owned forest areas in northeast China shall be further reduced and efforts shall be made to put forward transformation of economic development mode and promote sustainable economic development in the areas. The natural forest protection project shall continue to be executed, the relevant policies and measures shall be improved and the support efforts shall be heightened. The achievements of vegetation restoration project shall be enhanced and more efforts shall be spent on cultivating, managing and protecting forests.

The reform of the collective-owned forest right system shall be promoted and the pilots for reform of state-owned forest right system shall be steadily advanced. Efforts shall be made to enhance restoration and protection of natural meadows and construction of ecological projects including comprehensive treatment of soil erosion in black earth area. Organs concerned shall make more endeavors on ecological projects including protection and restoration of wetlands and treatment of desertification and environment of mines, and undertake eco-migration of residents living in the core area of Zalong wetland in Heilongjiang.

Take initiatives to promote energy saving and emission reduction.

Organs concerned shall fully implement the relevant laws, regulations, plans and industrial policies and enhance control of the total amount of major pollution sources. The expansion of industries that have high energy consumption and cause heavy pollution shall be restricted and small enterprises engaged in coal-based electricity generation, steel, paper making and cement that cause heavy pollution shall be closed down.

Focusing on industries of energy, raw materials, equipment manufacturing and agricultural product processing, organs concerned shall enhance management of industrial parks and promote clean production. The low carbon technologies are supported to be developed and applied and the development of circular economy is encouraged.

Organs concerned shall spend more efforts in promoting the application of energy-saving technologies and products, develop environmental-friendly structures and green structures that save energies and land, and implement the project of promoting energy-saving products for the public benefits. Enhance treatment of environmental pollution. Organs concerned shall enhance water pollution prevention and treatment of major drainage basins including Songhua River and Liaohe River and support areas in Songhua River Basin to conduct pilots of compensation for discharge amount of major pollutants and transaction of discharge right.

More efforts shall be made on construction of wastes and sewage treatment facilities in large cities, promote wastes classification, recycling and clean incineration and gradually raise the standards of charges for treatment of sewage, waste and discharge in urban areas. Industrial pollution shall be under strict monitoring and shall be prevented and treated and the pollution sources from agriculture shall be solved in a comprehensive way.

Efforts shall be made to promote the comprehensive treatment of environment in rural areas so as to create a beautiful look of countries. Create more jobs by all means. Organs concerned shall actually pay more attention to employment, carry out policies for employment of university graduates, immigrant workers from rural areas and groups having difficulties to find jobs, and ensure stability of employment situation.

The said organs shall well exert the functions of governmental investment and major construction projects on promoting employment, vigorously create more jobs for persons needing special care, and try to help at least one person in a family that nobody has a job find job. Policies and measures for supporting entrepreneurs shall be proactively carried out to create more jobs. The enterprises engaged in service industry and nonpublic economy and small and medium sized enterprises are encouraged to create more jobs. Enterprises in difficult operation are guided and supported to adopt flexible employment and working hours and give training to employees while not reduce jobs as much as they can do.

Actively improve social security system. Efforts shall be made to promote the comprehensive planning at the provincial level for endowment insurance of employees in urban areas and properly raise the standards of basic retirement pensions of people retired from enterprises. The system of the minimum living guarantee for people in rural and urban areas shall be improved.

Organs concerned shall energetically promote the pilots of new endowment insurance in rural areas and extend the coverage of rural cooperative medical insurance. Works on social insurance of farmers whose farms have been expropriated shall be well done. Organs concerned shall improve the policies and regulations on employment injury insurance, expand the coverage of such insurance and solve the issues of making the treatment of persons who suffered employment injuries before implementation of the said insurance to be subject to comprehensive management of employment injury insurance.

Solve outstanding livelihood issues including housing and heating in winter.