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Ten Bodies. One Empty Grave. But when his first case takes him and the team to Salt Lick, Kentucky, to hunt down a ritualistic serial killer, he learns what nightmares are truly made of.

Beneath a residential property, local law enforcement discovered an underground bunker with circular graves that house the remains of ten victims. But that's not all: there's an empty eleventh grave, just waiting for a corpse. The killing clearly hasn't come to an end yet, and with the property owner already behind bars, Brandon is certain there's an apprentice who roams free.

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As the FBI follows the evidence across the United States, Brandon starts to struggle with the deranged nature of his job description. And if the case itself isn't going to be enough to push Brandon over the edge, he's working in the shadow of Supervisory Special Agent Jack Harper, who expects nothing short of perfection from his team. To make matters even worse, it seems Brandon has become the target of a psychotic serial killer who wants to make him—or his wife—victim number eleven.

We don't want to believe they're in our own backyard. Rookie FBI Agent Brandon Fisher and his team head to nearby Prince William County, Virginia, when a woman's recent disappearance sheds light on thirty other women who have gone missing in the area over the last six years. Brandon is determined to find the connection—if any—between the cases and prove himself a good agent. He even has high hopes of bringing some of the women home alive, but his new boss seems to have made it his mission to antagonize him.

Arnold leads the reader through some winding plot twists and each one is more riveting than the last.

Series: Brandon Fisher FBI

Suspense builds and builds and the ending is every bit as shocking as the opening pages of the novel. Readers will find the book difficult to put down — and, if they do, they may very well sleep with the lights on. A lead FBI agent hunts his prey and grooms his apprentice while a ritualistic killer does the very same thing. Riveting and disturbing, Eleven, is guaranteed to thrill and terrorize readers.

Eleven (Brandon Fisher FBI, book 1) by Carolyn Arnold

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