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She is gentle and educated, a curate's daughter. She feels superior to the heath-folk and looks down on them. She is ashamed that Clym is a furze-cutter, and wonders how he can possibly degrade himself with a job connected to the bushes of the heath. But she died in the bushes of Egdon Heath. Her last words express her belief that she is a 'broken-hearted woman cast off by her son.

He and Eustacia not only like each other but they also share a hatred for the Heath and a desire for glamorous cities and travels. Wildeve marries Thomasin to get revenge on both Eustacia for rejecting him and Mrs. Yeobright for thinking him not worthy of her niece.

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He ultimately dies, trying to rescue Eustacia in the weir dam. She is the heroine in the novel. She desires to love a man who will take her from the dreary, miserable world she knows, living on the Heath. She loves Wildeve because he is the only one she thinks is worthy of her, but when she hears that Clym Yeobright is arriving from Paris, she sets her sights on him, scheming to meet and later marry him. Eustacia is proud of her class; she feels superior to the heath-folk.

She rejects Wildeve because of his class and feels humiliated running away with him. She is disgraced when Clym becomes a furze-cutter; she cannot believe that her husband would actually consider taking a job so intimately connected to the heath that she hates. Eustacia feels that the Heath will be her death: she feels as if she cannot survive in a place that cannot accept her and that she cannot accept.

She ultimately dies by drowning in the weir. Clym, the hero of the novel, is well- educated and well-to-do, intelligent and thoughtful.

Return of the Native - Notes.

The only son of Mrs. Yeobright, Clym is devoted to his mother, even when she violently opposes his marriage to Eustacia. Clym is glad to return to the heath from city life of Paris. He is attracted to Eustacia for her beauty and her passionate nature. When Clym's eyesight weakens, he takes a furze- cutting job, which shames his wife and mother but is quite consoling for him. He is so devastated by his mother's death that he drives Eustacia away. Later on, Clym tries to make up with Eustacia by writing a letter but he writes it too late and the letter does not reach Eustacia before she dies.

Yeobright and Eustacia. He secretly thinks about marrying Thomasin, but he decides that Thomasin should marry the man she loves, Venn. Clym finally starts working as a wandering preacher. Minor Characters He does not know how to control Eustacia's passionate, wild personality.

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He is sometimes tactless and says what he feels, unbothered about offending people. Grandfer Cantle plans to serenade Thomasin and Wildeve when they return to Egdon; he later sings to Thomasin and Venn on their wedding-day. He tells Clym that Mrs.

Yeobright have gone to see him on the day she died. He keeps Eustacia's bonfire lit on November 5th until she tells him to stop.

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Yeobright heads back home in the sweltering heat, growing extremely exhausted and weary from the length of the walk and heat. When Clym finds his mother, she is exhausted and her weak heart is suffering, and she dies with Clym present. Her last words are that she is a, "broken-hearted woman cast-off by her son. Ill and grief-stricken for weeks, Clym struggles to come to grips with his mother's death. He does not understand why his mother believed he would cast her off, until he learns from a neighbor that it was Eustacia who shut his mother out because she had another visitor.

Outraged, Clym demands to know who the other visitor was, but Eustacia does not give in to his inquiries. Eustacia then accuses Clym of deceiving her, and Clym suddenly realizes that Eustacia wants to leave the heath. Eustacia then leaves Clym, returning to her grandfather's. Eustacia meets with Wildeve, who agrees to help her escape the heath.

He agrees to drive her to Budmouth, where she can find her way to Paris, but he really plans to flee with her. Having inherited a large amount of money, he plans to elope with her. Thomasin suspects that Wildeve is eloping with Eustacia and tells Clym, so that he might stop them. Clym still cherishes a hope that Eustacia will return to him. When Thomasin and Venn arrive, they discover that Eustacia has fallen into the weir and Clym and Wildeve are trying to save her.

Venn jumps in to help and drags in Clym's, Wildeve's, and Eustacia's bodies. Only Clym is revived; Eustacia and Wildeve are dead. Venn is no longer a reddleman, but a dairy farmer. He proves his love for Thomasin, who finally recognizes Venn as a worthy romantic suitor.

Venn proposes to Thomasin, and she accepts. At first, Clym is against the idea of Thomasin and Venn marrying because he has contemplated marrying Thomasin himself, but he decides that Thomasin should marry who she loves.

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Thomasin and Venn marry. Clym ends up alone, but he is content with his life: he finds his vocation as an wandering preacher. Browse all BookRags Book Notes. Copyrights Return of the Native from BookRags. All rights reserved. Toggle navigation.

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