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Here are 5 different ways you can preserve local produce for use throughout the year.

Best Ways to Preserve Vegetables and Fruits | MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Most are easier and less expensive than the more modern methods of canning and freezing:. For more information about food preservation methods and recipes, see the book The Home Preserving Bible by Carole Cancler, available from booksellers everywhere.

How To Keep Your Fruits & Veggies Fresh: Our Top 7 Food Storage Tips

What are you looking for? Do you have a particular type of fruit you want to preserve?

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Chapter 4 Methods of reducing deterioration. Contents - Previous - Next.

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A knowledge of deterioration factors and the way they act, including the rates of deterioration to a specific category of food, means that it is possible to list the ways of lowering or stopping the action and obtaining fruit and vegetable preservation. In order to maintain their nutritional value and organoleptic properties and because of technical-economical considerations, not all the identified means against deterioration actually have practical applications for fruit and vegetable preservation.

Preserving Fruits and Vegetables

This classification of methods of reducing deterioration presents some difficulties because their preservation effects are physical, physico-chemical, chemical and biochemical complex phenomena which rarely act in isolation. Normally they take place together or one after the other. Usually delivered in days? BooksInternational 3. The book is divided into 11 sections, which covering a wide range of topics like: 1 Raw materials including minor fruits and Vegetables their survey, quality 2 Advancements in scientific and technical knowledge of the Indian fruit and vegetable preservation industry 3 Sanitation and microbiological problems in relation to the quality and shelf-life of processes fruit and vegetable products 4 Additives and preservatives 5 Nutritive value of preserved products 6 Containers Tin, glass, plastics, paper, etc for fruit and vegetable products 7 Plant and equipment in the processing of fruits and vegetables 8 Technical information service and publicity for the Indian fruit and vegetable preservation industry 9 General: Some other aspects of the industry The book will be highly useful for the industrialists, teachers, students and other persons who are interested in preservation of fruits and vegetables.

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